As its name indicates, they are gel-infused polyester fibre or foam rubber hygiene sponges which are suitable for use by the whole family. They are discarded after a single use to avoid the same sponge being used several times or by several people, providing the most hygienic form of washing.

The Begobaño or Jabonitas soap sponges have multiple uses, ranging from everyday family hygiene to hygiene for hospital patients, people who travel or play sports, children, etc., providing an excellent skin health and hygiene solution.

Yes. They are impregnated with a pH 5.5 gel, which we produce ourselves, so they are appropriate for all types of skin.

Jalsosa recommends these simple steps: Wet the area to be cleaned. Run the sponge over the wet skin and then rinse off with water. It is not recommended to dip the sponge in water as it loses effectiveness.

Using soap sponges ensures proper skin hygiene as they are disposable, so you never have to wash with the same sponge day after day or with one that has been used by someone else. Washing using just your hands can reduce the quality of the wash considerably.

When used correctly, a single sponge contains enough gel for a shower or bath.

At Jalsosa we make different types of sponges, in different sizes, thicknesses, etc. Our products come in single units, packs of 10, 20, 50, etc. depending on the intended application.

Jalsosa manufactures two types of sponges: polyester fibre and foam rubber, both of which are gel-infused. The difference lies in the touch. Fibre sponges are more effective at removing dirt and impurities, while foam rubber sponges are softer. We recommend the latter for more sensitive skin.

We recommend rinsing the skin with water after using the sponge.

Jalsosa soap sponges are biodegradable, depending on the product. Jalsosa is the first company in the world to create a biodegradable natural fibre sponge.

Begobaño sponges are made for hospitals and nursing homes, as well as for pharmaceutical and healthcare use. Jabonitas sponges are for general public use. Both meet the quality standards required by Jalsosa in all its products.

Jalsosa sponges are on sale to the public in pharmacies and supermarkets such as Mercadona (Jabonitas).