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Can I apply your products on my face?

Facial skin is similar to that on the body but slightly more delicate as it is exposed on a daily basis to the effects of the environment.

Our sponges are dermatologically tested and developed with a view to minimising the potential to cause irritation and can therefore be used for washing the face.

It is important all the same, to remember that both the eyes and the mouth are areas where you should avoid contact with the gel or the soap.

Could I be allergic to these products?

All of the ingredients that we use in our formulations are approved under the international safety standards applied by Jalsosa throughout the world. One of our principal concerns, in addition to the supply of distinctive products, is to ensure the safety of our consumers and that is why all of our formulations were subjected to and passed, dermatological studies for hypoallergenicity.

What should I do if the products is in contact with my eyes?

In case of contact with the eyes, abundant quantities of water should be used. In case of irritation, suspend its use and consult a doctor.

What materials are used in the packs? Are they recyclable?

We offer products in different materials: polyester fiber, foam and biodegradable fibre. Packaging is made from bi-oriented Polypropylene which is 100% recyclable.

Can singles use wash sponges be used on a daily basis?

All of our products are formulated for daily use and more than once if necessary. However, not all skin types are the same, so we use materials with different levels of softness. Normally, they can be applied on a daily basis and more than once but, in case of any irritation, we recommend that you change to a milder product. In case of any irritation stop application.

Is it necessary to rinse with water?

We recommend rinsing with water and dry with a towel. In case of bedridden patients you can wipe off with a moisten towel. We offer a specific soap formulation with no rinse with water required.