Our products are the guarantee of the trust that our customers place in us for skin care in hospitals and care homes. We have been committed to safety, to effectiveness and to quality since our very beginnings, values that we bring to each and every one of our brands.

Hospital and care home solutions

The leading brand in the hospital and care home sectors in Spain and with over 35 years´ experience in the field, we have products that meet all of the needs of our patients who are confined to bed or have restricted mobility. Specially created to avoid cross contamination in personal hygiene, our single use soap sponges facilitate the work of carers while significantly improving the well-being of patients.

Every day solutions

Our experience in the development of products for hospital care has provided us with the knowledge necessary to offer innovative products with the best quality/price ratio for all kinds of situations. At home or outdoors, we supply personal care products that are suitable for babies, along with products developed for use with domestic pets.

Own brand solutions

We put our experience, knowledge and facilities at the disposal of our partners. Our team is involved at all stages of the customer´s project, supporting them in the development of products that are best suited to their needs and those of the market. We provide customised production that meets all current cosmetics legislation.