Jalsosa was created to fill a need

In 1985, practicing nurse José Antonio López Sánchez-Ocaña noticed a need in his work for a hygiene product that would satisfy the daily hygiene needs of his bed-confined patients. Back then, everyday hygiene was provided using either traditional reusable sponges, rags or gauzes, which were washed afterwards for subsequent use. This was a viable solution at that time, but it was neither cost effective nor 100% hygienic.

This need gave our founder the idea to design a new product, the soap sponge, which he patented and put into production for the very first time. And although he began on a very small scale, he never lacked enthusiasm and confidence in the product.

The first batches were produced in a small premises (around 60 m2) in the town of Cogollos Vega, Granada, through a process devised for the production of gel with which the sponges were infused before being dried, cut, and packaged. This was undoubtedly an arduous task, as there was no specific equipment on the market for manufacturing this product.

Nonetheless, José Antonio, a restless, tenacious person and a self-confessed “lover of recreational physics”, gradually designed a series of machines with which he eventually managed to produce the first disposable soap sponges, which he called Begobaño.

linea tiempo

Due to the company’s capacity at that time, the first manufactured batches were quite small and were sold to hospitals and nursing homes in Granada. One of its first customers was the Materno Infantil Hospital in Granada.

José Antonio was assisted in his new venture by his wife and their three children, María José, Begoña and José Manuel, who gradually embraced their parent’s entrepreneurial philosophy.

Having started out as a family business, the company soon started to grow and new needs began to arise. In order to address these needs, additional staff were needed to fill various positions and specialised jobs such as process automation, new gel formulation, etc.

Today, it is thanks to this one brilliant idea, a pioneer, his project-focused family and their goal, and to each and every one of our customers, employees and contributors, that we are a benchmark in the health and hygiene sectors and a company that still retains the same enthusiasm as that of its creator at its inception. We will continue to work this way each and every day for all our customers, who we strive to serve and, above all, to understand.