Vicente Ferrer Foundation


The Vicente Ferrer Foundation is a development NGO committed to the process of transforming one of the poorest and most needy areas of India, the state of Andhra Pradesh and some of the most disadvantaged and excluded communities of the Indian caste system.

It is a humanist organization founded on the philosophy of action whose mission consists in eradicates extreme poverty in rural areas of India through the development of different projects and necessary actions to face the most disadvantage communities’ needs.

With his way of thinking and acting, Vicente Ferrer was able to transmit his commitment to eradicate inequalities and mobilize consciences while he was involved people in their own change. His understanding of development has led to an exemplary model in the framework of cooperation. A pioneer in the equitable development in that country, the organization team works from Spain and India. A pioneer in the comprehensive development in the country, the team of the organization works from Spain and from India.


Association for the Disabled of Pinos Puente

The association “Building Bridges” is working since 2005 in order to achieve the social integration of many disabled people. The aim of the association is to give them the possibility to know, and collaborate, in the association facilities, in different workshops of crafts, painting techniques and poetry and to participate in other activities as carnival, local parties performances and sports with the help of volunteers.

The group “Building Bridges” was set up in 2005 to bring together the disabled physical, mental and sensory people of Pinos Puente town. Other people and family aware of disability were also joined from initially. Since then, they work to defend their interest and bring the citizens closer to disability. Other of the aim of the association is to make visible and give their place to people that have been pushed to background and also excluded and forgotten.  The work of the association and neighbours has been exemplary and is a model to follow for other collectives with the same claims and with the same desire to start an exciting, beautiful and effective project.